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3 Steps to Great Tanning Results

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Today I am talking specific tan product. The steps to achieve a perfect tan and its results.

Tanning weekly needs its care specially if you tend to build but products in certain areas like myself. The exfoliation process MUST be very well done, sometimes I feel I need a double exfoliation but if you do just pleas me gentle, you don't need to remove your skin to the bone ok!

So the entire process for you for this Weekly tan.

Tan used is the Olive Ultra Dark applied by myself (I do all my stunts)!

I just love this tan!!! Not only for me to get the dark look quickly but for my lighter clients too ❤️❤️❤️. This tan is just so beautiful and also can be very light if left for just an hour. I adore this one because it fades just so naturally and gradually disappears but of course if you go too dark comparing to your natural skin colour it will be more obvious when fading.

1- Just exfoliated skin with exfoliating mitt available at the shop;

2- Product left on skin for 1 hour only, applied in some places 2 thick coats. Remember to tell your tanner if you tend to not tan well in some areas, like myself my tummy is hard to tan so I make sure I get more product to it;

3- Next day , the last image. Washed day before with no soap to remove all the bronzer! Remember also, the bronzer is going to go when you wash your tan off and you will develop in the next 24 hours.


Spray Tan Process



Your Personal Tanner

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