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5 Don'ts For a Good Lasting Tan

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

There are a few things that most people do and think it will be ok, before the tan, or after the tan. But they WONT be ok at some stage, believe me.

BIG don't number 1: Using Dove or moisturising like body wash, I know it is lovely, but not before your tan. It will create a film on your skin and will come to me and say, my tan is not as dark this time! And my heart will be broken, really will trying to solve the puzzle. So if that is the only thing you have at home to wash yourself, use water only!

BIG don't number 2: Shaving your lovely legs just before your tan or the day after. NOOOOOO, please, DON'T! Ok, there is a little moisturiser strip o the top of your razor and that can also leave a barrier on your skin and not only that your pores can be enlarged after shaving and you will have little spots, an don't forget how many bloody times you cut yourself shaving! One thing I can say is, Men's razors are the best! They don't need to know you used theirs hahahaha. Ok now back to serious matter is shaving after the tan. The day after you are still going and developing so please still hold those beautiful hair and let them grow one more day. Shaving then can exfoliate, as it will take a layer of your skin and you will have a lighter tone here you shaved.

BIG don't number 3: Sunscreen, we all know you MUST wear sunscreen but chose something mineral/physical sunscreen with Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Aerosol sprays usually are very heavy in alcohols and it will strip the tan. Read the ingredients and see the more natural the better.

BIG don't number 4: A Warm bath, you think it is a nice idea to relax in the bath with that delicious glass of wine. DON'T, not yet. Wait until your tan is fading, the day you need to exfoliate, go tell the kids to clean the house for you, get the laundry done, fill up the bath, pour a glass of wine and you can even exfoliate at the end of that 1 hour bath minimum! Before you get out of the bathroom to Chaos again, book your next tan straight away.

BIG don't number 5: Loofah/Sponge/Cloth/Face Washer, name it what you want. Put them away so you don't even look at them. Do not use it until you are ready for the BIG no number 4. I don't even need to say why, do I?

Love you long time if you don't do any of those BIG no above. If any question I am always here to answer. Text me at any time!



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