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A MUST HAVE - Kabuki Brush 

Meet your new tanning BFF – the Kabuki Brush, your ticket to a flawless tan at home! Our Kabuki Brush isn't just a brush; it's a game-changer. Designed to blend like a pro, it ensures your at-home tan is nothing short of perfection.

Crafted with precision, this brush is your secret weapon for seamless application. Its soft bristles effortlessly blend tanning products, leaving you with a streak-free, airbrushed finish. But the magic doesn't stop there – the Kabuki Brush is also your go-to for applying drying powder. Say goodbye to stickiness and hello to that silky-smooth feel.

Transform your tanning routine into a pampering session. Elevate your at-home tan with the Kabuki Brush – because every tan deserves to be a masterpiece. Get ready to glow like a pro in the comfort of your own home!


It is made with super soft, synthetic bristles that helps you to buff and blend applied product(s) straight after a spray tan or self tan. The shape allows you to reach between fingers, toes, ankles and smooth out sharp lines on wrists and ankles to promote flawless results all body round. The Kabuki Brush also helps to blend out any bronzer trapped in creases in the neck area or anywhere else around the body. Perfect for self tanners and spray tan technicians to achieve a professional & flawless result. Vegan friendly. Reusable and easy to clean.


Karina's Words: "Level up your at-home tanning game with the TANBUKI - TAN BLENDING BRUSH! 🌟 Blending is key, especially on tricky spots like wrists, hands, and feet. This magic brush is a lifesaver, even if you accidentally drop a bit of water – just blend it away!"


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