Spray Tan for Dancers and Cheerleaders

So many dancing schools around and with all the dancing shows and competitions and at any time of the year you can get your tan on point.


You will look just fabulous when you get a tan as it will enhance all, your make up, costume and your skin.


Remember you need to give it a day for the tan to develop. So BOOK the tan two days before of the event. If you haven’t tanned with me before I highly recommend a trial so we can try the products I have as all tanners are different and have different products. Prepare your skin very well the day before getting a tan, follow all the prep instructions that was sent to you on time of booking.


A spray tan will always do better than a self tan, the spray is so fine and even. 


If you are under 18 or you are booking a tan for your child, there is no need for an authority from a parent or carer. Carer very welcome to come and stay for the tanning process, I am a mum of 3 and understand the worries about children left alone. Also they are welcome to wear a bikini or any other clothing that suit them while getting the tan an I will work around the lines as I can!

Thanks for submitting!

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