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A Little Bit 

About Me

My Name is Karina, I am originally from Brazil. Mum of 3. Crazy as it can be.

Personal Tanner started in 2015 when I decided that I needed to get out of the house and do something fun that didn't include wine! 

I got trained in Spray Tanning and since, I have met many amazing people on the way. Before I started tanning I have never had a fake tan before.

I started out there, as a mobile tanner, I went everywhere, would drive an hour to spray tan someone. I still do sometimes but it got a bit harder.

Spray Tanning turned into a way of life to me the day I decided to tan myself, for sure my very first tan was a bit of a shocker but as I gained experience I started tanning myself very well too and realising how amazing and powerful  we feel having a tan.

I have tanned so many different people, genders, colours, even kids. I just LOVE it.

I consider myself a tanning specialist with so much to offer and so much to care for each and everyone that comes in my NOW, tanning cave.


Karina your Personal Tanner

Provide a perfect tan each time but the most important, do it with care and respect. Make people know they are worth and they should always love themselves.




My vision at Personal Tanner is simple: to redefine beauty by promoting self-love and acceptance. I believe in celebrating individuality and embracing imperfections, empowering everyone to shine with confidence and radiance, inside and out.

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