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How Do I Prep My Skin For a Tan?

Updated: Feb 24

How do I prepare my skin is a question that should be asked more often, so here I will let you know what you can do best to get the best tan.

It all starts with caring for the skin way prior to the tan. If you want a GREAT tan you need to drink plenty of water and moisturise your skin with a great product at least for the week prior to your tan.I love the Sunescape Body Butter , It is a beautiful reach and thick moisturiser and it is formulated to help keep your tan beautiful.

Once you cared for yourself and your skin every day of your life from now on, you have to make sure you Wax 24-48 hours before, not the day before, not on the day! If you do laser it should be done 72 hours before, and if you shave please do the day before, not on the day, I get a lot of people that do on the day and end up with lighter lower legs and a lot come bleeding because legs were shaved just before in a hurry, so be mindful that your tan can look incredible but you need to help.

Shower, I highly recommend showering at least 4 hours before as when you shower you change the ph of the skin and it can also interfere on your tan results. Please DON'T use moisturising soaps or shower gels as it can leave a barrier on your ski. Use a neutral shower gel/soap.

When coming to your tan PLEASE, DON"T wear deodorant, DON't wear makeup, DON'T put moisturiser or anything else on your skin as it can act as a barrier. Also be mindful of skin treatments that can result in removing or not developing the tan.

Coming to your tan and leaving the tanning salon in loose clothes, please DON'T come on tights, jeans, tight dress, wear something nice, old and loose or even an old pjs if you are ok to go out with it, here in the salon we love seeing you in your old t-shirt, in your old clothes we love a comfy tanning outfit :)

I think that is all and for the aftercare is another blog hahahah


Karina, Your Personal Tanner

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