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10 Tanning Commandments

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

1- I am Beautiful. You must know that you are beautiful no matter what!!!!

2- Thou shalt EXFOLIATE well the day before thy spray tan appointment. Exfoliating is the most and very important step for you tan to go nicely on your skin and a fail in doing it well can be the fail of tan;

3- Thou shalt not go to thy spray tan appointment wearing make up

, deodorant or any moisturiser on thine skin. Any product on skin when getting a spray tan can act as a barrier and tan not be able to get to the skin and doing its job. So by nothing is, no deodorant, suncream, makeup, moisturiser (even if using barrier cream on parts of the body you want to protect can be of damage if you touch other parts of your body without noticing), so NOTHING on skin is best at all times;

4- Thou shalt not shave just before going into thy spray tan appointment. Shaving just before can leave skin with product acting as a barrier and also leaving pores open. Not mentioning that you can cut and you will be bleeding on your appointment and there goes a perfect tan;

5- Thou shalt not cancel last minute, thy Tanner could have had a client in thy spot. Be mindful that the booking cancelation of last minute can take someone else's appointment and not able to fill it in;

5- Thou shalt not wear tight clothes after a spray tan nor shalt thou even wear to go to thy appointment in first place. Very tight clothes can leave the skin with the marks and tan can accumulate on the spots and create a darker shade, the tanner can fix it but the best is to wear something nice and loose so you can wear it after the tan. Putting back tight clothes on after a tan it is a very likely way to damage it;

6- Thou shalt not go darker than thy skin can take or thou will not fade nicely. Of course it is nice to get a dark tan but be aware that the darker you go the more obvious it will be when fading and the skin can start to look patchy. Patchiness is the consequence of the difference between the dark tan and your natural skin tone. If they are too different it will be more obvious. Some tans do fade more smoothly than others though;

7- Thou shalt keep skin moisturised and nourished after thy tan has developed. Keeping skin hydrated will help tan fade nicely and no cracks on the skin that can cause the look of peeling, so moisturise it twice a day if you can. Use a good moisturiser with natural ingredients in it;

8- Thou shalt give a great feed back if thou like thy tan. Your tanner will be extra happy when she sees that nice feedback. Also constructive feedback is appreciated to grow and learn. Remember to be kind with words, they are powerful;

9- Thou shalt spread the word about thy tan to all thy friends and family. Most people get spray tans these days and telling them where you get your great tan from will be appreciated, believe me. We all like to know where the good things are;

10- Thou shalt REBOOK . Make sure you rebook your tan for every two weeks if you get them just to feel tanned and great. I recommend fortnightly because there is time enough for skin to shed and your old tan to go away completely before reapplying new tan on new canvas!



Your Personal Tanner, making you GLOW!

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