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Permanent Jewellery

Permanent jewellery is a piece of jewellery that "can't be taken off". A bracelet of your choice is welded, instead of having a clasp, so no getting stuck anywhere or loosing it.

You can choose between gold filled 12Kt or 14Kt or Sterling Silver .925. 
The ends of the chain are welded safely around your wrist to close the ends or using a jump ring, providing a seamless design. Don’t worry, though—they use lasers to do the process, and it’s safe and painless.
You will choose the chain in salon and will be measured and welded. It all takes about 15 minutes. Bring a friend if you want to get it done together.

The Gold Filled components and chains are American standard . All components and chains are 1/20th gold with a brass core. All the gold filled is nickel and cadmium free.
What is Gold Filled
Gold Filled is an American metal manufacturing process and legal standard of quality. GF is two sheets of solid karat gold. These sheets are  bonded over (or for wire, rolled in tube) a core of brass. A piece of jewellery to be legally stamped with the telltale ‘GF’ marking, its weight must be at least 1/20th gold.  Which means that 5 percent of the piece is gold.  Gold-filled pieces tend to last much longer, and are considered ‘lifetime jewellery’.

Located in Brisbane, 14 Walker Ave Morningside QLD . Contact 0481044379 or

Half Flat Dapped Diamond 14Kt Gold Filled

Mini Heart Flat Cable (2mm) 12Kt Gold Filled

Rolo (1.3mm) 14Kt Gold Filled

Fine Paperclip Wire Staple14Kt Gold Filled


Wave Paperclip Staple Chain 14kt Gold Filled 

Rolo (1.65mm) Sterling Silver .925

Bubble Heart (2mm) Sterling Silver .925


Heavy Rectangle Link Curb Chain Sterling Silver .925


Paperclip Figaro Long Short Chain By-the-Meter Sterling Silver .925


RGF 3mm Mini Heart Bubble Flat Cable Chain 12kt Rose Gold Filled

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