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Embarrassed to get a spray tan?

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

This is a very common thing when getting a spray tan. Are you embarrassed to get a spray tan?

I will tell you about myself so you know I understand you very very well. I am very embarrassed to get my clothes off in front of anyone at all. I am very shy. Comfortable in my skin but very shy when it comes to chow it or to get anything done. Tell you it was hard to get laser when I did !

As a professional tanner I have tanned many many women and some men. I have clients I have tanned for over 6 years now and, so you know, I don't see their bodies, I see them as a canvas that I am painting. I am so worried about getting the tan beautifully in your skin that I don't look as a body part , I look as my working canvas.

Because I know the feeling of feeling uncomfortable in front of people without clothes, I understand and treat everyone as shy as I am.

Many times I had people I know telling me they wouldn't get a tan with me because they could not take their clothes off in front of me. If you ever asks any client of mine how they felt I bet they will say they were very comfortable.

Now for you, some little tricks to get your tan without feeling nervous or shy. Start facing the other way, get your back tanned first, so you have time to get used to the tanner. If too uncomfortable to get bras off, leave them on, just take the straps and the tanner can work around it.

Don't let the embarrassment take you the chance of feeling good wearing a tan done professionally.

If you are a very embarrassed person and want a tan, come to see me.

And last, for a tan to look amazing you don't need to go completely naked, you can always wear swimwear too.

I feel you! I am like you! But I can tan you.



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