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Fake Tan While Peeling

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

One morning taking the kids to the park or the beach and got that sunburn!

So many times I see people that gets a sunburn for just spending a little time playing outdoors or at the beach and or forgot the sunscreen or just got the sunburn because it was very strong at the time of the day.

If you have a sunburn you will probably and most definitely peel that skin off, so make sure you moisturise it very well, Aloe Vera always great for it. Now you have the burn it is not the time to get a spray /"fake" tan, you can but not the right time.

What will happen most likely is even if you get a spray tan on top of your sunburned skin is that your skin will peel anyway so the tan on top of your "tan" will peel and it will look even worse because not only the skin will have that peel look it will be even darker and it will look "thicker" so that patchy look will be even more obvious.

Saying it all it is always my recommendation to not fake tan when you get a sun burn just because of the looks. It won't harm or make it worse as the self tan, or spray tan won't damage your skin cells. Take some time, drink plenty of water and use good moisturiser to recover skin. after a week and if skin looking good, do a nice exfoliation to remove any excess skin and book your SPRAY TAN .

Always wear sunscreen, wear long sleeves if you can, wear a hat. The sun can be your friend in moderation but it can be very harmful.

Always if you find any different spots you are not sure about it, go and see your Doctor.



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