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The Right Tan for The Occasion

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

So many different products out there, for in home tans and for in salon. It is hard for us, expert to choose the correct one, I can only imagine for you.

I will explain a little bit in how I choose them to the occasion, to the day you have the event, to the shade, to the time to leave on skin.

Every time I try a new tan I feel so excited, I want to know how fast it tans, how dark it goes on that show period I try, usually one hour is my trial time as I like to know the speed it tans but the very important, is the waiting to see how it fades. I have some favourites, unlike my kids hahahah.

Ok so when you come in the salon my first and very question would be if you have had a tan before and if you did what you used in the past but most of you on't know. I always tell my clients what I am using on them and what is the shade (light, medium, dark, ultra dark oruber dark).

My second question it is probably if it is for a special occasion and what is the occasion and when, that is a very important question because I get a lot of people coming in for same day tan and that requires a product with a nice bronzer.

What is a bronzer? Well the product on your skin has a colour that you see when leaving the salon, that colour is the bronzer only and it will wash off once showered. Some product have a not very pretty looking bronzer but the tan itself when developed is amazing but I cannot use that product, doesn't matter how beautiful it will tan if you need it for the same day as the bronzer can take a little while to be removed, and as the first sewer is just with water you will probably still have some left over on the skin. I also cannot promise you will have a tan for the same day as it takes hours to develop. Some tans are amazing itself on already, but why I don't choose that to everyone, because we are all so different and we all tan differently.

So make sure you tell me all you are after on a tan, how dark you want to go, what is your dress as the lighter the dress is you won't want a very dark tan but also depending on the occasion.

It is always so great to get to know what you are up to, to the events and dresses. Share with me, tell me what you love and appreciate, this will just give me more about you and what I will be using on your skin.

Sometimes takes a couple of tans to decide what is the product you like most but how terrible can it be to have to tan again!



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