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The tan will be ok if I don't exfoliate!

Updated: Feb 21

How many times I tanned myself and I just said to myself, the tan will be ok if I don't exfoliate.

I am a tan expert and know way to well that, no, it won't be ok. It can look fine to start with but not only it won't last, it will fade unevenly , it can be patchy where there is skin build up.

Having an exfoliating mitt in your shower is so good because there is no excuses, the day before you exfoliate completely with some soap on it or a tan remover product applied to the skin for at least 5 minutes, if you have a tan on because you do it regularly, exfoliate 2 days on a roll. Don't need to be hard exfoliation just move the old skin, and again the day before your tan. Even if the tan still there, if you exfoliate well, the new tan will go nicely on new skin and not on old skin that will shred.

Spray tan can look amazing when done well and have a well prepared skin, but spray tan can look very bad and fake if the skin is not cared for. It is ok if you don't exfoliate but your tan will only be ok, not amazing!

Recommendation: Sunescape Tan Removal Mitt



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