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Wedding Tans, Why Are They Different?

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

I always treat all the tans differently, as they should. When you get a Tan to get married, you will register each and every moment and it is one of the most important day in a couple’s lives.

When I tan a bride I always get nervous, even though I have done many and they were always so perfect. I still get the chills. One little thing done wrong and will be to everyone to see and in every picture.

Trust from the bride to the tanner and the tanner to the bride, we need to work as a team because we depend on the bride to follow each and every step to get a perfect tan.

A wedding tan should go matching the dress, so the lighter it is the lighter should be the tan. But in the end the Bride is in charge, we can always guide, but it is you main day and you will decide how dark you want to go.

The tan must be done 2 days in advance, after any shaving or waxing and nails. Get your nails the day before your tan. Don’t worry, we won’t damage your beautiful nails, I particularly clean each nail and toe nail once I am done tanning.

Th bronzer can take a little while to remove so that is why also you should get two days in advance. First wash is just water, second wash with soap ad the day of wedding with soap and should not have any bronzer left to stain the dress, also if something goes wrong for any reason it can be fixed the day before the wedding. Try to get a good shower gel so no harsh chemicals to strip your tan off.

You should must definitely get a trial before your wedding tan at least 2 weeks before so you have time to get all the old tan off, unless you are a regular tanner and already know what you want. If unsure go Medium or 12% maximum, 2 hours on.

If doing your own make up, make sure you know how dark you will go because you will need to match it to the rest of the body otherwise your makeup artist should have all different tones and will be able to match.

I could keep going on and on and on as it is a subject I love because it is all about love.

I love tanning brides even though I get butterfly in my stomach.



Your Personal Tanner

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