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Benefits 3-in-1 formula ? acts as a self gradual tan, tan extender and moisturiser Perfect for fair-skinned people wanting to build a tan slowly Enables you to control the depth of tan you want to achieve Delicious, tropical smell Extends the life of spray tan For the best results, apply every second day until you reach your desired tan depth, and then use every third day to keep your tan topped up and looking its best, exfoliate when necessary. NB: Be sure to wash hands thoroughly after application. Use within 12 months of opening date. Size: 200ml Other size available: 50ml (travel size)


Karina's Words: Dive into the world of Sunescape Gradual Tanner – my little secret for a sun-kissed glow! 🌞✨ This magical potion not only moisturizes your skin but also gives you that perfect hint of radiance. Whether you're going for a subtle glow or extending the life of your tan, this gem does it all. The DHA percentage is just right, ensuring a lovely tan without going overboard. Pro tip: reserve it for the body to glow effortlessly. Shine on, babes! And always wash your hands after application. Remmeber one thing, this product has DHA. To maintain your radiant complexion and ensure an even, natural-looking tan, it's essential to exfoliate regularly. Just a gentle reminder to exfoliate once a week, allowing your skin to bask in the beauty of our tan extender's transformative effects. Revel in the glow and radiate confidence every day!

Gradual Tan Extender (Full Size) 200mL

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