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Beat the humidity blues with our Drying Powder – your secret weapon for a flawless tan at home! When the weather gets sticky, this powder steps in to keep your fake tan perfectly dry. Paired with our Kabuki Brush, it's the dynamic duo you need for a seamless application and a touch of luxury in your at-home tanning routine. Stay dry, stay flawless, and let your tan shine even in the stickiest weather. Get ready for a glow that defies the elements!

Set your tan in place for streak free results with our illuminating tan drying powder. Apply this luxuriously soft powder after your tan application for a a soft feel on your skin and to go about your day in comfort while your tan is developing. This loose talc-free finely milled drying powder immediately takes away any stickiness and reduces transfer onto clothing and sheets for a streak free flawless results. Infused with fine light reflecting particles, to add a hint of sparkle. With our fresh signature fragrance, this powder leaves no white cast and quickly absorbs any excess moisture.


Karina's Words: "Say goodbye to stickiness and hello to smooth application! 💫 Make drying powder your best self-tan buddy – it's a game-changer! No more feeling sticky; just a flawless tan in the making!


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