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Beach time and “fake” tan

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Going on holidays and want to get a spray tan but not sure if it will last or if it is worth doing!

I will tell you that there is not better feeling than going on a holiday and not better feeling than going on a holiday with a nice fresh tan!

But you ask yourself if your tan will last as you will be swimming! My answer is get the tan. It will last long enough to get to your holidays and even swimming it still will last , for sure much less than if you didn’t go in salt or pool water! The salt or chemicals will help stripping your “fake “ tan off your skin. You can always get a tan extender that will gradually give you a nice glow on top of your tan.

One thing is, even swimming your tan should go for still about 4 days ! Make sure you always wear sunscreen as your ran won’t protect you from the sun.

And even if you don’t go on a holiday, get a tan too it will feel like you have just been to one!



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