Different Shades of a Tan

Tanning and getting the same shade each time. How funny is sometimes the same tan makes you tan differently.

You tan with something different or same product each time?

I love not only having a tan but I feel I need to try them all so many different times because I just can see how it tans differently each time I tan.

I can use the same product same way and different times and I get same tan or some times it changes a bit just because I am taking different medication or I am having the period. Our bodies just makes our tan , our mood, our looks behave differently.

The tan will still be lovely but they will go darker or not as dark because of our body/s chemicals going on. Even the soap we use can affect our tan results.

One thing to never compare or expect is to tan as dark as someone that has a tendency to tan easily like myself. We all tan differently and there is so much dark we all can go.



Your Personal Tanner

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