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Tan at Home Colours

Hey radiant babes! Karina here, back with more insider tips to keep you glowing like the goddess you are. Today, we're diving into the world of tan colours – because let's face it, choosing the right hue is like picking the perfect filter for your life.

Now, let's start with the shade that I, personally, steer clear of – Light. Light, to me, is like ordering a decaf coffee – why bother? If you're a first-time tanner with fair skin, skip the light and go straight for the gradual tan. It's mess-free, foolproof, and no waiting game – just pure tan magic. Check out some options here, and thank me later.

For those craving a bit more oomph without going full-on bronzed goddess, Medium is your sweet spot. I recommend starting with 2 to 2.5 hours of wear – enough time to see the tan unfold. If you're a tough nut to tan, maybe push it to 3 hours, but always play it safe until you've mastered your tanning game.

Now, the debate between Dark and Ultra Dark – the ultimate tan dilemma. My advice? Take a leap of faith and test the waters. If you're a fearless tan explorer like moi, go all-in with Ultra Dark. I've danced with the tanning gods, and trust me, it's a party. Adjust your time – anywhere from 2 to a max of 4 or 8 hours – based on your tan tolerance. Read those product instructions like your favourite novel, my friends.

Even for a lighter, more natural look, I'm an Ultra Dark enthusiast. Why? Because I like to be in control – control over my application (light or heavy coats), control over my tan destiny 9 1hour or 3 hours). You can even leave it on for just 1 hour for that effortlessly chic glow. Dark and Ultra Dark – it's the power duo you never knew you needed.

But if you're after that beautiful tan without the drama, Dark is your go-to. Leave it on for a blissful 2 to 4 hours, and voila – you're a golden dream.

So, whether you're a fearless Ultra Dark diva or a laid-back Dark darling, remember to test the waters, read those labels, and embrace the tan that makes you feel unstoppable.

Stay golden, lovelies!

xx Karina Your Personal Tanner

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