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Tan Looking Patchy or Orange

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Have you been to the shops to look ahead and see a fake tan fading all patchy or like a crackling look? It could be so many different things going. Let's talk fake tan fading.

First of all, the skin needs to be moisturised to fade well, inside and out. If you want a tan for a special occasion make sure you drink lots of water and moisturise your skin twice daily before your tan (NOT ON THE DAY), so use an entire 7 week to get skin nice and hydrated with water and a good body butter.

When the skin is well moisturised the spray will go so beautifully on the skin! For it to last its maximum you have to keep up with the hydration, be careful, you might get addicted to water and moisturiser hahah. Doin't it your tan should not look any crackling anywhere! Another thing is over extending the life of your tan, if you see any patch don't be scared of your mitt and rub it off, it is time to moisturise, unless the tan is still good and you just need to blend a little bit on parts where the tan fades quicker like between the arms where if folds, bra line, underarms, feet, then you just blend it a bit, gently with the mitt. Some mitts have an exfoliating side and a blending side, use the blending, otherwise just use the normal mitt gently!!! And after that you can add some gradual tan. Remember, too much is too much, keep it natural to not go orange.

Remember one thing, your skin shred all the time so there is so much a tan can hold but still should be lasting a week. After that come and see me again, this is a good addiction to have!



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