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Pee or Not to Pee While With Tan On?

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Just at the reception the other day, I was chatting to this lovely lady that I just met and we were talking about tanning and she said she wasn't much of a tanning person. I said not many people are. Then she told me one of the episodes of her tanning occurrence!

The funniest part of this conversation I am going to tell you is that I just met her, not as my client but just a person I met and was chatting to. Talking bout a few times she tanned and one of them she will never forget because she was at her parents and her mum came to ask her what was that on the toilet seat. She obviously started laughing because she didn't realise that she left half of her tan on it hahahahahahaha

Her mum was not impressed and she said nothing they did would remove the tan form her toilet! Eventually it faded and so much bleach has been applied to it. Well, now you know, Fake Tan stains toilet seats. Maybe try to use with the lid up hahahahaha

My point to it is, how many of you really need to do a wee while cooking the tan. I don't really know because I leave my tans for so little time that I don't need to. I wonder how many out there has stained their toilet seats :)

What an interesting topic to have with someone you don't know. I feel she trusted me and I am very happy with that and had a good laugh.



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