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Real Woman's Body Shape!

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

I was just going through an instagram account and they were showing real women body, body shape.

I instantly had the urge to write my chest out. What is that? REAL women body? Who can ever come and say such a thing!

Real women doesn't come with a body shape of such, that are all kind of shapes out there and they are all real women and they all struggle somehow with something.

The skinny woman sometimes doesn't like to be skinny, the curvy woman sometimes doesn't like to be curvy. I myself was always too skinny when I was younger and I hated! I could never fit a pair of jeans because my legs were too skinny and I had no butt it really was a struggle for me, but I was still a real woman! A fit woman with no fat and with the perfect body, still a real woman and with a real woman's body shape, a curvy woman, is a real woman and has a real woman's body shape.

If only we could just access real woman have no shape, no shame, we only have admiration for our differences, we only support each other as a real woman! If only there was no tags for such thing as Real Woman Body/Shape, because we are all real women.

Can you imagine if only we could all just love ourselves without comparing to each others bodies. If we only could just love ourselves as we are and only wanting to improve us as humans, for us to be better then ourselves yesterday!

Never be ashamed of how you look, Never stop having a life to look in certain way. There is no such thing as perfection. We all struggle , some hide better!

We are all Real Women with Real Bodies!



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