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Spray Tan or Self Tan

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Most people tan themselves at home with a lotion or a mousse but what is really the difference and do they both last the same?

In years of experience no doubt most people tan at home with some kind of mousse or lotion. The tan at home can look great if applied evenly and with correct tools, you should apply it with a mitt because believe me, you will end up with a fake tan look on your hands. So the self tan products are pretty good and they do their job, the only thing is, in my experience, they don't last at all as long as a professional application. I feel that the self tanning products will last about 3 days really and if the application not very good it cn be very obvious. Another thing I see is people applying a tan over and over to cover the old fading tan, causing a bad build up and the look of a real fake tan. Another is the application, it is very hard do get a very even application at home because there is always a missed spot or too much on the feet or hands and dry areas.

The Spray Tan, can cost more but it will last at least 5 days and it can last to 10 days. A minimum of 5 days pretty much no matter what, is what your tan that been professional applied should last, unless you are really getting a lot of chemical on your skin or washing the skin a lot, like swimmers. The second difference is that the chances of your spray tan be uneven is very difficult, your professional tanner will apply a fine mist that will cover evenly all the body.

In both cases the products are great and they both can give you amazing results.

One thing very important to remember is that if you keep adding a tan on top of an old tan, doesn't matter how great the product is or how great the professional is, your tan will look fake and the chances of looking flaky and uneven are very high.

Remember also the main thing, the better prepared the skin is, the more moisturised the skin is, the best your tan will look in both cases. A clear canvas with removed dead skin cells and very hydrated will take the product in a way that any Tan will look beautiful and very natural.



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