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Tanning Mistakes

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Do what I say, don't do what I do! Have you heard that before?

Well I am a Tanning professional and I tell everyone that I m my worst client and that is the full truth. I try all the products I offer in salon and I try it to go wrong and to do the very best job. So when I tell you something is because I have mostly tried on myself.

The other day I decided to go over board with my face water tan. My face was too pale but body not yet ready for a tan, so I sprayed, dried with the hair drier, actually great way to dry your face water, then I decided to do another layer, and that is still ok, but then after I dried it all and a little while later I decided ahhh, a little more won't hurt. WONG I WAS!!!!!!

Of course I only could se the big mistake next day. My face was so orange, still is to the moment I write this. Nothing I do can hide it hahahaha but well so you know, DON'T Do it!!!! You will go orange. The orange is nothing more than the over doing it. Too much tan on top of tan will do just the same. Shame on me for doing it to myself , knowing that would happen but still did. And for you reading this, learn that it will happen as well. It will happen if you get a beautiful tan and decided to add more to it at home, it will happen if you don't let old tan go away and tan on top. It doesn't matter how beautiful your tan is, if you over do it won't end up well.

Love you long time from Orange face



Your Personal Tanner

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