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Tanning Tips for Different Parts of the Body

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

So many times a tan can go wrong for one little mistake. The position of your body.

We all have some parts of our bodies that needs more attention when tanning specially parts where there are natural wrinkles, like elbow, fingers, knees, and also your feet.

You have to make sure that you stretch those parts of your body, always bending your elbows so there is no white tan lines in between the skin. Sometimes the knees have a bit of skin and skin contact too so you must do a little squat, nothing much but just enough to stretch that skin.

With your fingers is very important to bend a little bit as well and spread the fingers a bit, so the product can go in between everything. Like the pictures below. The first picture , (excuse my hands full of products from dropping solution when pitting in my gun) is how you should not get your hands sprayed and the second picture on the bottom, is how you should position your hands when tanning.

How not tan the hands

How to position your hands when tanning

And your feet, make sure it is also stretched , the back near the heels ans the skin at the back can form little wrinkles .

The last but most important, is your face. Never ever squeeze your eyes when you close them for the spray, you can get terrible white lines like wrinkle near your eyes so relax, know the spray is coming your direction and hold your breath !



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