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The Power of a Spray Tan

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Many of us know how we feel when we get a tan and how it feels so good, how we feel so empowered. But what can really do for you?

An anonymous told me about the thinking of feeling good with her husband. The meaning of feeling good in this situation is just to love her body with all that it comes with ageing, having kings, and just enjoying life. That there was one day she was just ok to be naked because she felt good on her skin, and she said the tan was the reason she felt so empowered. Being a person that doesn't like being naked in front of others, even her closest friends and partner. That day she felt so good she didn't care being naked and the way she loved herself looking at the mirror.

I believe from that day so much has changed. I know it is just a tan. I feel it myself, with just a tan that gives me so much power. I wish I could get everyone that feeling, every woman that feels down and not loving herself, I wish that I could just tan and let them know that most of us feel the same way, that we just need to find our empowerment. That Anonymous, just had one simple thing to feel great, a tan!

I love tanning because I know there is so much more to it. Making a woman feel comfortable to be with her husband/partner and to love herself is a huge achievement to me.

If you ever wanted to try it, come to see me. Make sure to let me know you need a chat and I will add some time to your appointment so we can talk. I also hate being naked in front of everyone.

I am also the anonymous!



Your Personal Tanner

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