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1st Time Getting a Spray Tan?

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

If you never had a Spray Tan before and want to know more about it, I will let you know a bit more here. As I remember never having a spray tan before I started tanning.

I believe most women in Australia had a "apply on tan" at some stage, even if just a foam or a gradual tanner, or a tanning moisturiser. The main difference between all of them and a professional spray tan or sunless tan if the duration and how even it is.

A good spray tan should last at least 5 days and go up to 10, can be extended as well. The care for the skin and exposure to chlorine or salt water can reduce the life or your tan. Also products with salt and alcohol in it. when you have a professional tan try to use gentler products on your skin. Keep it very moisturised and hydrated.

Once the tan is applied to your skin it can take form 1 hour to 8 hours to develop, all depends on the darkness you want to achieve. So you know I am Brazilian and have an olive skin, so to achieve a nice tan I only leave product on for 1 hour. But you go girl/boy, leave as much as you can dare.

The first wash off you must do just with water, no soap, unless there is build up on areas that skin stays in contact, like underarm , you can use soap (I do). the second wash you can have a normal shower but I always make sure, soap goes only where it is needed, like legs, you don't need to soap it every time you shower, and your tan will last longer. Moisturising straight after first wash can stop the tan developing as well in some cases. But after that, moisturising is extremely important for your tan to fade nicely and not crack the skin.

Don't forget the first and most important step, to prep the skin, exfoliating very well with a mitt or product, making sure if the product has oils in it, to not use just prior to your tanning session. Remember, you should exfoliate the day before any ways.

Enjoy your tan while it lasts, you can always extend it with a good gradual tanning extender. I usually recommend from day 4 or 5, every second day. Careful to not build up too much, specially if you are intending to have a tan again soon.

Just a few things to know before your first ever spray tan/ sunless tan/ fake tan, call what you want to, I call it feel great necessity.



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