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Who Came Up With Spray Tan?

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Eva Wittgenstein, was a researcher in a USA hospital in the 1950s. Treating children with a disorder on their metabolism. The product applied was staining their skin so she decided to apply it on her own ski. The product used had the famous DHA, dihydroxyacetone, that is the main substance on our tanning solutions. The more DHA percentage in the solution, the darker is the achievement.

A trial that turned into something else. The patch she stained her self with after a few hours turned brown.

The DHA cause the change of the colour of the top layer of the skin, called the Maillard reaction.

There was a time that being fair was a sign of wealth and the ones tanned were the working class. But back in 1923 when Coco Chanel returned back from a holiday sporting a tan, it all changed. As the tanned look made people look slimmer and healthier.

During the Second World War women were dyeing their skin with black tea bags or shoe polish.

I believe the biggest desire to have a tan came with the invention of the bikini in 1946.

The most important thing now, is that we know how bad the sun can be to us and how nice to have a tan is. Now we show our bodies at most times and not only that we see our bodies more and more. We want to feel good more and more.

Thanks to 1997 Estée Lauder Chemists claimed that smaller particles would go deeper on in the skin, so instead of rubbing a cream started spraying. And from then some said they invented, others made it better ways and better products.

Now we have amazing machines and products to deliver a beautiful tan each time. trainings and contouring all to make us feel more and more amazing.



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