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A little bit about me

Hi, I am Karina and I have been tanning since 2015.

I started tanning to get out of the house and stop being a Mum for a few hours a day affff .

I am the owner and founder of Personal Tanner and always have been tanning mobile but now is the time to stop and stay still for a change.

I have 3 kids that keeps me very busy. 

The thing I love most about tanning is how so amazing it can make us feel. 

With Glow Girl AU I want to bring you not only an amazing result with your spray tan but also, I want you to know that YOU ARE AMAZING.

There is nothing I like more than empowering others and do the good to others.

I come from Brazil and all my family is still there and I have my in-laws as my support here in Australia.

I never heard of spray tanning back in Brazil as people still just sun bathe. When I first started tanning I had no idea why people here in Australia liked “the fake tan” so much until I started tanning and decided to spray myself and all my bathroom walls as well hahahah. Then I started loving it really, loving tanning people because I realised the power of feeling AMAZING with just a tan.

Well and so you know I am a bit crazy.

Look forward to meeting many of you that loves a tan or the ones that never tried. I will customise your tan for occasion or desired tan shade.

One thing I promise you, is that you will feel so comfortable with me tanning you.




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